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Kinja Guidelines

Kinja Specs

Max Desktop Content Width: 800px

Creating an Account and a Post

1. Log in or Sign Up

Click “log in / sign up” in the top right corner, the either login with your existing account information, or sign up for a new account


2. Compose Post

Click the avatar in the top right corner, then “compose post”

3. Edit HTML

Click the HTML[<>] icon in the editor menu bar.


4. Insert iframe

Between the paragraph tags <p> insert your iframe src, height, width, and class.

Src - Kinja will automatically convert it to a proxy URL, but don’t worry, this is normal.


Width - Should always be 800 to go full width, or 640 for standard width.

Height - Set to match the iframe aspect ratio.

Class *IMPORTANT* - Should always be “custom aspect”.


5. Save to Drafts - DO NOT PUBLISH



iFrame content must remain the same aspect ratio in all states. Below is an example of how iFrames function on our platform.


You may use a different stylesheet for mobile, tablet or other browser widths as long as they retain the original aspect ratio.


Examples of Previous iFrame Experiences



Code Example:

<iframe src=”url_goes_here” width="800" height="set_to_match_aspect_ratio" class="custom aspect" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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